Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mia Culprit

Well, that was better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Or was it?

After outlining a gem of a thesis ahead of today's action I proceeded to run my trades right into the buzz saw, whipping myself into buttery tubs of oblong (and short) oblivion.

And as I mentioned on the Tweatbeat (please don't look at my trades today), after such a day whereby I reduce myself to my own private sucking sound, my rulebook says right on page one of this strategy I am to slow-down and move to the right shoulder, harnessed, by the next morning at latest (Unless!...unless the portfolio is taking care of itself and suddenly in the right place, and in that case I am free to try again one more time).

Last week in fact the same thing happened on Thursday, but the following day was bearseye brilliance and I re-accelerated right back into the fast lane; which set up for Monday's huge gains; all of course so I could simply gyrate ad infitum and eventually centrificate right off the the Earth's face-axis today.

Somehow I am still having a decent week overall (Monday was huger than today was hackneyed. I guess I just need a good night's sleep).

What's in store for the market tomorrow? Well, you tell me tough guy - I may not be able to play it.

Total Position: currently 1.7-to-1 net long, (40% invested)

Currenty long (according to size): HOC, MYGN, SNDA, NFLX, IOC

Currently Short (according to size): AEM, COV, VNO

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