Monday, March 02, 2009

Notes on Monday's Gap-down

Not intending to cover much here early, other than the ALTH Cramer-fade from the after-mkt on Friday.

I'm looking for severe internals early in the session, which will allow me to hold aggressively short and/or short even more, intraday. Without this I will lighten/take some off the table.

(similar to Friday, here is the criteria for aggressive shorting today...):
- >5-1 negative breadth after 1 hour = green light to short as much as I can.
- >4-1 negative breadth going into final 90 minutes keeps that light green to the closing bell.
- Intraday, I will be keying on the weakest indices; to be determined.
-(once)Again, the key is whether or not the mkt catches a bid after the gap lower, and then just how extreme are the internals. The more extreme (negative), the more likely we close near the lows of the session.

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