Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Anger Ménage (bear market for fish)

Sick-positive action in leadership stocks today. Days like this I don't want to talk too much, so I won't. I save the rants for moments less pristine.

Zero Hedge drummed-up a nice sign-of-the-times video. This guy's not unlike Cramer, really. He just takes a different view on green bleeping shoots...

When I saw that I immediately recalled Tuff Fish, an infamous online poker player from back in the Party Poker days...

Total Position: 5.5-to-1 net-long, 51% invested

Currently Long (according to size): TQNT (5.3%), ASIA (4.7%), SWN (4.6%), WFT (4.5%), RAX (4.2%), PEET (3.8%), ARST (3.6%), SNDA (3.4%), AU (3.2%), CYOU (out for now, 42.12)

Currently Short (according to size):
ONXX (4.1%), MYGN (3.9%)

Futures Accounts: no position

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