Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Updated Position (re-shifting long)

Tough to criticize today's triumphant turn off of yesterday's broad meat-slice lower. A terrible close today or a sizable gap-lower tomorrow would cause me real concern, short term. Otherwise I am accelerating the long-side again and consider further strength likely at this point; whereby further strength will lead to only further strength near-term.

In other words, without a trip-up on this rally rather soon, I am going to push much harder long (letting go on shorts and increasing longs).

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Total Position: Currently 1.91-to-1 net-long, 91% invested

Currently Long (according to size):
BMC (8%); VALE (added today, 7.6%); ULTA (7.3%); DAL (added today, 7.1%); NTGR (reloaded today, 7%); CXO (6.8%); LTD (6%); VPHM (5.5%); AVGO (4.9%)

Currently Short: DISH (7.4%); CRUS (reports tomorrow am, 7.1%); ZMH (7.1%); CVS (reloaded today, 8%); SLV (reduced today, 3.9%)

Futures: no current position

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