Friday, December 14, 2007

29 Psalms for 29 Palms

I'm chopping down this palm tree here (for 47 years), eating Thelonious amounts of candied sea weed, raw quail eggs and carotene jam - still waiting to get more aggressive with this market.

Something nice while I wait, my new names from yesterday are raging higher today, even though the market remains asleep at the Whee-lo. Sometimes being a maniac pays dividends. I'm holding and happy with the action on MR, but check out the return to higher ground on ONXX and especially solar-phenom we're cooking with Butagaz.

So, I'm fat and happy at the moment (to go with old and ugly) and I'm just waiting to reload for bear as soon as I can a green light for satisfaction. Next week is the onset of seasonal beauty-strength and the following week is just pure seasonal tenderloin - so I expect to leave this Triangle soon.

Yup, Christmas is coming. I have zero spirit for that sort of thing, but I love when the market gets slow and boring and leadership stocks just drift higher for several days in a row. Makes me very merry.

In the meantime, I'm applying 29 psalm-salve to numerous stingray bites and listening to Ginger Rogers look-a-likes carry on about giving up Botox for that new HGH thing. It's giving me an idea for a new product launch - HGH-Botox: 2-for-1 Fountain of Beauty Juice. These Hollywood types are loving the HGH, as they should. They inject it right into their cheeks and gums for real, smoking-hot pleasure. I'm sending out for a dozen howler monkey butts now to product-test this baby. Keep things safe and effective. I've got a call into Max Factor AND Prince Matchabelli to get the bidding started. We're going with either Nectar Princess or Open the Kimono, I haven't yet decided. I just know my face is feeling younger already.

God I hate the sidelines.

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