Monday, December 17, 2007


Still gnawing on palm bark here, waiting for the lights to turn holiday green and get fat with the year-end winners into seasonal strength.

Market internals remain negative (still depressive following last week's Fed-farce), but this pullback does not impress me still; It's just a matter how of when the year-end tide turns.

I have nibbled into first tranches of AAPL and MICC long on the pullback today (ave. 188.22 and 106.28) ; this brings my total names now to 5 (MR, JASO, CSIQ, AAPL, MICC). Again, nothing seriously weighted and I am snoring on the beach vs. what is possible for me this time of year (I'm still >70% in cash at moment).

I hot-dogged out and back in JASO in the first hour today, snatching about 1.75 points, but this was due to the poor internals of the general market combined with fellow solar LDK being up a million percent on its own internal, non-industry news (the LDK helped shoot JASO up to 73.95, but the mkt malaise was pretty much sure to check the rise; easy stuff). Anyway, I'm still long JASO and don't expect to give up on that idea before the 31st.

CSIQ is a little trickier, but I am hoping to take that one all the way to year-end as well. I'm looking to trade YGE again as well, but I figure that two solars is plenty for the moment; until the market flashes some life.

Seasonal good-stuff will firm this market at some point this week (my opinion), so given we are this close I will get aggressively long as soon as I see some leg. In other words, once we firm, we are in seasonal strength as far as I am concerned and I'm good to go between that moment and the 31st, so I'll get right to action and put this cash to work.

But only then.

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