Thursday, December 27, 2007

Further Note

Cutting positions late here.

out of all AAPL (ave. 198.50), ANSS (ave. 41.68), GOOG (703.45) and SLT (24.75). Still holding FWLT, but with closing bench of 155.60.

[Edit: Pretty good thwack in the market last hour and given my game is a reactionary one...I unloaded my largest positions; as they took out previous lows from earlier in day. I cannot justify a heavy position in the market this moment, but I will trade back in for 1-2 remaining '07 days if tomorrow internals are decent. If tomorrow internals are further negative, I will cut back more instead. In either case, I still expect to be very light by the close of the half-session on Monday and I will be short a couple of the biggest '07 winners by Mon close - for a quick re-balance/re-parity play (discuss this further as we approach Mon). As for today's implications (geopolitics, etc.), best to put the noise aside and see how the market handles everything going forward. No need to be very smart right now - just react instead - be safe when things get unclear and forget about collecting dollars in front of the steam roller; etc. etc.].

Current Holdings (by size): ONXX, MR, JASO, LOGI, TNH, FWLT, CAF, YGE, GENZ, PWRD
[I reduced 45% of my (dollar-weighted) holdings today]

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