Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Get it Up!

No time for quiet chat, but we look a lot like we are re-reversing here. If that is the case it will be significant. Then if we take out the early open-highs in the mkt - my view is we will trend higher from here until the 31st (hitting seasonal tenderloin strength gears along the way).

Again, I don't measure the amount of gain - I try to get the primary trend right and I want to be in the leaders when we are chirping higher (or the losers when short, obv.)

I bot back half my AAPL; the other half pending this is a real pivot and not a set-up to spike my bull-ass through the floorboards. Good luck!

[currently long varying amnts of AAPL, CAF, CSIQ, FWLT, JASO, LOGI, MICC, MR, ONXX, SIGM and TNH]

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