Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick Note

Faith-buy late here w a tranche of GENZ (ave. 76.19); volume on that is rising as it begins challenging the upper end of its range - looks very much ready to launch/breakout . I will try to get more if breaks >76.50 on vol. - these shares are in case it gaps on me Monday, or just moves too far before I can get it land in the boat; throw it back on Monday if it fails or if it's broken-out with only light volume.

Solars are a little sloppy late in the day. I trimmed fractionally YGE and JASO. I'm holding all of the reduced CSIQ position (already smaller). I only trimmed 15 and 20% of the other two.

Not crazy about the breakout in FSLR...let Cramer make the money on that one.

New breakout play ANSS is a little disappointing. The volume pace slowed 2nd half of today and now it is not looking like 3x's+ normal vol is going to happen. It is above the breakout still, but off of highs. I may cut it loose at close, or Monday, depending.

I didn't mention earlier I trimmed the MR at the 10-day (40.91), as volume remains too lackluster on this move to be one of my heaviest positions. I still like this name and assume we'll see a breakout to new highs (>45) by sometime before the end of January (however, I don't know how bullishly inclined I will be in January. I'm guessing I'll be bullish on aggressive growth stocks, but my crystal ball sank with the Titanic and I'm not married to next-month scenarios).

Here is the portfolio as it stands late in the day (back to 15 names, by order of size): GOOG, JASO, AAPL, ANSS, ONXX, MR, LOGI, SLT, FWLT, CAF, TNH, YGE, GENZ, PWRD, CSIQ.

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