Thursday, January 03, 2008


I unloaded C and COH late in the day. They will probably rally tomorrow, but I have plenty of stock here now and if the jobs report due before the market is a negative I don't need 3 loser stocks in the mix to fight against the grain with. I'm giving SBUX one more day (what a pig).

Next year I think I will pick the losing stocks for the wk-1 parity trade after the year starts and I see the life. Then I would have been riding higher in something like SHLD instead of strangling on Citigroups, Starbucks and Coach purse strings.

I also added more FWLT late today at 167.45, making that one my largest position.

The good news is how well the rest of the portfolio is acting. The market cross currents are extreme right now but the portfolio was up pretty sharply today; even with the above loser-longs and a market which has yet to trend anything higher in '08. I still think the aggressive-growth names look good for January, assuming we don't crack on the jobs report tomorrow (and I have to seriously doubt that potential).


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