Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nicole and Dimed (out of currency shorts)

I'm in a semi-conscious state. Body aches flaring, nasal-drip flowing, delirious, sleep-deprived eyes waxing, wincing.

You know where this is going. In spite of physical drudgery, I'm free now from Euro-slaps and British Poundings. I'm camping happy.

Once again I slept (sort of) near my machine, watching over my currency shorts like a mother giraffe watches the runt. Talk about a brain drain - all that attention just to try to keep one ugly duckling from not afloating.

I'm fresh, I'm clean, I'm out of that hell and chomping at my psyche bit once more.

Now that I'm not so stuck I've released my jaws from this beast (I told you throughout it wasn't worth it, but I'm a foolish fighter sometimes; capable of attacking great whites...until it hurts). The primary goal of the futures accounts traded here is to push index futures on days where the action is either all-good or all-hell-breaking-loose. Frankly, I'm a better trader at that sort of thing and this currency smack is the latest reminder (I'm a better player than I am a gambler). If you see me Twitting trades in currencies, it had better be a daytrade, and going with the direction of that day's strong momentum. Otherwise I give you permission to rip the sickly, Linton-esque giraffe fuzzflesh from my bony backside and feed it to my stronger brethren. Let someone else make the overnight money!

Equities? Oh yeah, that's going well - what's so interesting about that? Yesterday was the beginning of the much-expected and logical pullback that we all considered so logical and likely. Too bad for you it was over before the day was through, eh?

If you get your opportunity now I suspect you'll wish you hadn't. Which is the same as saying that when this market lets you in easy the move higher is done.

I've studied this pain thing for some thousand years. I do my best to step over the dead bodies of my trading past and prosper now instead. I'll step over you, if you let me; and if I'm really jamming I can step over myself and still be home in time for supper. You are shutting off CNBC because it is inane and annoying. But I am listening to Trish Regan as I write, because she speaks so inversely eloquent I could kiss her all under. Kind of like the big lady that married the really really rich guy who was like one or two hundred years old. She had nothing but smiles for him I'm sure.

You know how the story ends. Okay not that story. No oily dog's going to take my breath away.

-Beast out

Total Position: 100% net-long; 48% invested

Currently Long (according to size): AU (5.5%), CYOU (5.1%), TQNT (new yesterday, 4.7%), ASIA (4.6%), SWN (4.6%), PZZA (4.4%), WFT (4.4%), RAX (4.3%), PEET (3.8%), SNDA (3.3%), NTAP (3.1%)

Currently Short (according to size): no current positions

Futures Accounts: no current position (re-shorted both Euro and BR Pound last night and covered on the ECB news/non-news which hit those markets early this morning)

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