Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Strike That (re-illuminate long)

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?

Bears can't be happy.

The market did gap-lower but demand has since Mobbed sellers. As the major's cannot break down, then we should either chop sideways or else revert higher. I prefer chopping, whereby leadership stocks work quietly higher under an otherwise quiet surface. But if she wants to burn it up instead I won't get nasty (though I will let some of the air out on any emotional blast higher.

I backed-off from (brief) hedging and am back to fully-bloated long (aggressive growth leadership). For the moment I still have half of the JPM short (from yesterday's close), but it is now paired with GS long. Other than that I have RSH and a small amount of EGO short (the latter is no hedge, just a Cramer double-promo fade; hopefully for the ages).

My FMER Cramer-fade from last night was a scalp in the end. I took profits as soon as it was clear the world wasn't going to end again. I still love you though Cramer. And thanks for the tips on buying CELG (for the last few months!). I'm sorry I didn't take that one seriously.

That's the dope on my shorts. But it is the (many) longs that are far more interesting; to this fish at least. I know these names don't appeal to you, that's Okay. I'm just going to sit here quietly and make some money while you guys find better things to do. I've got enough over-roasted coffee to last all week. I can piss in canteens if need be and I just peel-off whale jerky on an as-needed basis.

Yep, the action should get quiet now methinks. I'm thinking nap-time in fact.

The sweat shop then may closed for me today - I'm in monitor mode. I'll spitTwitt changes from here out, but again don't do anything I do (at least not because of anything I have said). Watch a mad-trader blow-up with too many longs for fun and informational porpoises only.

I'm a bloody mutual fund here at the moment. Good trading.

Total Position: 7.85-to-1 net long, 96% invested

Currently Long (according to size): MYGN, NFLX, ARST, RJI, PMCS, MNRO, WNR, SNDA, LFT, NVLS, CHKP, GS, FORM (new), TNDM, TSYS, DRI, IOC

Currently Short (according to size): RSH, JPM, EGO

Copyright LLBAG, 2009 - Locked Loaded and Bloated Aggressive Growth Fund, LTD

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